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Pod Coffee Brewers

The Wolfgang Puck CafeXPress Pod Brewer

Wolfgang Puck Coffee Co. is proud to introduce the CafeXPress - the next-generation in pod brewing technology. This American-made brewer combines commercial quality with simple user-friendly functionality. This is the brewer that will make pods a serious option for single-cup coffee brewing in the office environment.

The CafeXPress uses Wolfgang Puck coffee and all-natural powdered milk and dark chocolate to brew a range of popular hot beverages:
  • Regular Coffees
  • Espressos
  • Caffe Lattes
  • Cappuccinos
  • Mochaccinos
  • Hot Chocolates
  • Hot Tea
  CafeXPress Specifications

  • LCD Interface in three languages - English, French, Spanish
  • Direct line water plumbed or pour over filling options (holds 8 cups - 64 oz.)
  • Two brew sizes – 8oz and 6oz.
  • Back-to-back brewing every 60 seconds
  • Automatically ejects pods and self-rinses
  • Vending compatible with multi-coin acceptor kit
  • LED water tank level indicator
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