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› Single-Cup Coffee Makers for Madison & Milwaukee-area Offices

There's nothing better than a hot, fresh cup of your favorite coffee -- and there's no easier way to get it than single-cup coffee makers! Single-cup coffee makers like Capital Coffee's Van Houtte, Starbucks, Keurig and Flavia systems give clients, customers and employees alike the ability to brew up a cup of joe just the way they like it. No more stale, cold pots of office coffee -- reward your hard-working team with the gourmet convenience of a single-serve coffee brewer.

Read on to learn more about our Van Houtte one-cup coffee brewers as well as our Starbucks single-serve office coffee system or visit our Keurig and Flavia pages for more information about the other single-cup coffee makers available from Capital Coffee. At Capital Coffee, we're proud to be one-cup office coffee service provider trusted by workplaces across the Madison and Milwaukee, WI metro areas!

Cafection Total Lite


The Total Lite is the sleekest bean to cup coffee machine from Innovation Series. It offers the advantages and quality of a Cafection coffee machine with less space requirements!

Convenient and compact, the Total Lite offers all the amenities of the Total 1, but is optimal f or a smaller workforce. Featuring a 7" touch screen and a variety of specialty drinks, the innovative Total Lite brings the total package to the office.

Don't worry about missing out on the features of the Total 1 system. You can still adjust your cup sizes, brew strength and drink choices with only the click of the button. The only thing the machine can't do is refill the bean hoppers on command.

That environmentally friendly and sustainable brewer is the perfect machine for smaller offices or companies. It is recommended for offices with more than 30 employees.

Features of the Cafection Total Lite Bean-To-Cup Brewer include:

  • 3 brew strengths
  • 3 cup sizes - from 5oz to 20oz.
  • NEW iced coffee option (ice machine required)
  • Environmentally friendly & sustainable brewer
  • The TOTAL LITE can be configured,managed & monitored remotely!
  • Freshly brewed coffee available 24/7
  • Equipped with a 3 bean hopper, 2 soluble canisters & an interactive touchscreen

Download The Cafection Total Lite Spec Sheet

VKI Eccellenza Touch


We'd like to introduce to you the first gourmet brewer of its kind: The Eccellenza Touch. This revolutionary, new brewer alleviates mess and clean up, while providing users with a top notch coffee experience thanks to its top-of-the line features.

Welcome to the Eccellenza Touch, a revolutionary new brewing system. The Eccellenza Touch features a 10.1 inch touch screen that can be used for brew selection and for advertising and communication and wifi interface to allow you to easily access equipment data and status remotely. It backs up its advanced technology with an impressive brew variety with 12 selections for light and dark coffee and 18 selections of dark and decaf as well as hot water dispense and 3 brew strengths and cup sizes to bring the premium coffee experience to your workplace.

Features of the VKI Eccellenza Touch Bean-To-Cup Brewer include:

  • Large Beverage Varieties: 12 Selections (light and dark coffee) 18 Selections (dark and decaf coffee)
  • Hot water
  • 3 Strengths and 3 Cup Sizes
  • 10.1" Interactive Touchscreen - Intuitive selection process and can be used for advertising or communication
  • Waste Free - No paper filter is required and coffee is compostable
  • Simple Setup and Configuration
  • Intelligent On-Board System Diagnostics
  • Integrated Dashboard for consumption/sales data, beverage counters, etc.
Download The VKI Eccellenza Touch Spec Sheet

Newco Fresh Cup Touch


Enjoy the benefits of Fresh Cup's unmatched brewing capability. Easily develop your brewing parameters for your POD through the simple programming process of pre-infusion, pulse brewing, volume and contact time. Newco's flow meter provides precise volume accuracy cup after cup. Fresh Cup's new innovative mechanism accommodates the widest selection of PODS and makes brewing simple and intuitive.

With the Fresh Cup Touch, you have freedom of choice! Use our interactive touch screen with your POD to deliver one "Fresh Cup" of Coffee, Espresso, or Tea. Bring a glass of ice and brew directly into it for your iced coffee.

The Newco Fresh Cup is built to last. High-quality, rugged construction that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. New modern design and appearance provides a professional look which blends well in any location.

Features of the Newco Fresh Cup Touch Brewer include:

  • Automatic Pod Removal
  • Interactive touch screen is intuitive and simple to use interface
  • Flow meter provides precise volume accuracy cup-after-cup
  • One-touch brew activation with a quiet brewing process
  • Brew back-to-back without delays for reheating
  • Up To 20 Oz Travel Mug
  • Large Pod Waste Tray / Thru Counter Option
  • Adjustable Drink Strength
  • Adjustable Drink Volume

Download The Newco Fresh Cup Touch Spec Sheet

The Latte Lounge: 60 Different Coffee Options at the Press of a Button

For coffee shop selection and on-site convenience, there's no better one-cup coffee system than the Latte Lounge. This renowned brewing system will make quite the impression on clients and employees alike, cup after delicious cup. A bean-to-cup coffee maker, the Latte Lounge grinds and brews gourmet coffee exactly to your specifications, so each individual can indulge their unique preferences. Choose from three cup sizes, three brew strengths, caffeinated or decaf, cappuccino, cafe latte, tea, hot chocolate -- it's up to you!

The Latte Lounge features three coffee bean hoppers, so you can choose from three bean selections to customize your cup. Plus, with a graphic interface and wireless programming capabilities, the Latte Lounge is the industry's most advanced and easy-to-use single-cup office coffee makers. For more details on the Van Houtte Latte Lounge, click here.

Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer

You don't have to send the intern on a coffee run in order to have delicious Starbucks coffee in your office. Capital Coffee is proud to offer the Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer, a single-serve coffee system designed to deliver that unmistakable Starbucks taste day after day, cup after cup -- in the comfort of your own office!

This fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee maker features two whole-bean hoppers so you have your choice of your favorite Starbucks blends any time of day. Just select your coffee blend, cup or carafe size and relax -- the Starbucks I-Cup Brewer will grind, brew and serve up your gourmet beverage in a matter of seconds! For more information on the one-cup Starbucks office coffee maker, contact us.